Adobe Campaigns adds AMP for Email support

Adobe Campaign, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, has announced compatibility with AMP for Email, which is supported by Gmail among other inbox providers. Now available to Adobe Campaign customers, email senders can include dynamic AMP components in their emails.

Why we should care

Adding AMP for Email features directly to Adobe Campaign will help Adobe users create dynamic content for their emails natively without going through a third-party provider. AMP for Email allows customers to interact with email content directly within the email itself, and any recorded interactions are synced directly with Adobe Campaign to produce insights.

Source: G Suite Updates

“If email content is static, it can become out-of-date almost as soon as it’s sent,” wrote Sunil Menon, who oversees global product management, strategy and go-to-market strategy for Adobe Experience Manager Forms. With AMP for Email, information updated on a brand’s website can be updated in real-time inside an email, even after it has already been sent.

More on the news

  • With dynamic email, recipients can interact with polls, make reservations, manage subscriptions preferences and more, all directly within the body of the email.
  • Information captured in form fills syncs directly into Adobe Campaign, so marketers can build engaging email campaigns and gain actionable insights on their marketing efforts all from within the same application.

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