Combining Abandoned Cart Messaging and Product Recommendations

If you run an online store, you’ve probably heard a lot about abandoned cart emails lately. (Especially from MailChimp blog posts.) When a customer adds something to their cart and doesn’t check out, an abandoned cart email will remind them about the product and increase conversion.

Simply put, there’s no excuse not to use them. All you need to do is connect your store, set up an abandoned cart workflow, and let them do their thing! Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an army of autonomous robots to remind your would-be customers of the items they didn’t finish buying? This is actually a lot like that, just much less terrifying.

If that sounds powerful (and not at all like the start of a robot uprising), it’s because it is. However, you can add even more personalization by using another feature of ours—product recommendations. When you think about it, abandoned cart emails and product recommendations really go hand-in-hand. For instance, they both:

  • Use data to make more informed decisions
  • Personalize each recipient’s email marketing experience
  • Require no effort on your part once they’re set up

Product recommendations and abandoned cart emails make each other better. If you’re reminding a customer about something they forgot to buy, it’s a great opportunity to let them know about other things they’ll probably like to buy. Between those 2 features, you’ll be making the most of your data and increasing the your conversion rate.

Since we launched product recommendations in June, we’ve sent more than 132,000 abandoned cart emails that contain data-driven, intelligent recommendations. Those campaigns have made more than $266,000 in revenue for our users, and $21,800 (8%) of that came from recommended products. Nice.


To get started with this powerful combination of features, all you have to do is create an abandoned cart workflow, add a product recommendation block to the bottom, and then activate the workflow. After that, every customer on your list that abandons a shopping cart in your store will receive a reminder to finish their transaction plus some suggestions of other products they might like as well.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the future of marketing lies in personalization—and MailChimp is uniquely equipped for that future. We can’t think of an easier way to get started with personalization than these 2 features. They identify customers who are interested in buying, email them before they forget about your store, and recommend items that they’re likely to purchase. We’ve already seen the combination generate a lot of revenue, and we can’t wait to hear about your success!

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