Facebook’s dynamic ads for auto dealerships get new lead-gen features

Facebook is rolling out updates to its dynamic ads for auto dealerships, giving them a lead-gen feature that feeds leads directly into the dealership’s CRM system.

The ads — which are created using the dealership’s vehicle catalogue and include a call to action to complete a lead-gen form — will now send the leads directly to a CRM system so that a sales representative from a dealership can follow up. Facebook says the new ads will help dealerships design more locally relevant ad campaigns that put a spotlight on available automobile inventory. At least two dealerships — Hub City Ford in Louisiana and an RV dealership — have beta-tested the new ads.

Hub City Ford used the ads to target people who had visited their website, prompting them to sign up for a test drive. The campaign delivered 154 leads that resulted in 34 car sales — the business’s best sales period to date. Camping World, the RV dealership that was part of the beta run, used the ads in an attempt to reduce lead-gen costs. The campaign, which only used ads that included in-stock inventory paired with a prepopulated lead form, generated a 3x return on ad spend.

Facebook first launched dynamic ads for auto dealerships in November of last year, creating a more customized dynamic ad experience for auto ads. The ad product allows auto advertisers to upload vehicle lists and include vehicle details like the make, model, year, price, mileage, trim and vehicle location. This update further refines the ad product, giving dealerships more control over the ad’s lead generation options.

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