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Domain Names

If you already have a domain name, all you need to do to host this domain with us is to point it to the name servers that we will provide to you. If you don’t have a domain, don’t worry, we will register it for you!

Do Time Studios provide domain registration services?

Yes, we do provide domain registration as part of our hosting services.

Can I transfer a domain to you?

Yes, we do accept domain registration transfers.

The domain must also meet the following requirements:

  • The domain is more than 60 days old.
  • The domain has “Unlocked” status at the current registrar.
  • The domain is showing customer’s current information for the admin contact in Whois (as that is where the authorisation email will be sent to).
  • The domain is not within 7 days of its expiration date.

If you want to transfer a domain to us, please submit a ticket to Domain Registration/Transfer at our Helpdesk or send an email to [email protected]

Can I change main domain name at Time Studios?

Yes, you can and we would do it for free. Just submit a request to our billing department.

Can you host all types of domain name extensions?

Yes, we can host any valid domain extension as long as you are able to change its DNS (Domain Name Servers) to the values we send you in your web hosting welcome email.


What is the size limit for the Mail Box?

You can allow any amount of web space to your email account as long as it is below your web hosting plan’s web space quota.

Can I work on MySQL through a remote location?

We do not support this feature. You can, however, do it if you have a VPS or a dedicated server with us.

What Operating System do Time Studios use on the servers?

We use CentOS Linux and FreeBSD Operating systems on our shared servers. Clients do have the ability to install their own choice of Linux operating system on VPS (CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Gentoo) and any OS including Windows Server 2008 on dedicated servers or Xen VPS.

What version of PHP do Time Studios use?

We support PHP 4+, PHP 5+ and PHP 7+. Please check with the technical department as to which one is available on your server.

You can have either one on a VPS/dedicated server.

What version of Apache does Time Studios use?

Currently we use Apache 2+. This version is for reference only because we keep updating the software as needed.

What version of MySQL do Time Studios use?

We use MySQL 5+.

Can I edit the httpd conf file?

This file can be edited with root access to the server only (VPS and Dedicated servers). Please do not edit virtual hosts, as these changes will not be saved and will cause cPanel subdomains and addon domains to malfunction.

Global Apache configuration should be saved by manual start of internal cPanel ‘distiller‘ script.

Some directives of global Apache configuration can be edited by means of .htacces file on shared server.

Do you support custom error pages?

Yes, we do, and you can set them up inside your cPanel control panel.

Can I make my own .htaccess files?

Yes, you can.

I have written my own script. Can I run it on your servers?

Yes, you can as long as the script can be executed on a Linux server. We do however recommend that you get in touch with us first if you feel it can possibly cause trouble on a shared hosting server.

Is RAM limited on your shared hosting plans?

According to our AUP

  • No script or piece of software may use 25% or more of system resources for 60 seconds or longer.
  • System resources also include RAM, CPU, MySQL (the number of queries and the time period, during which one query is being performed).

What does Jailed Shell Mean?

Jailed Shell provides all necessary features to manage your account via SSH protocol.

The only difference from regular shell is that:

  • You are ‘jailed’ in your account directory, i.e. you can access your /home directory and its sub-directories only.
  • Only standard ports can be used (mail, FTP, SSH, Apache, etc), custom ports can be opened on VPS/dedicated server only.
  • You can manage only those files you own

Can I use Telnet as file transfer protocol?

We use SSH only. However, VPS/dedicated server can be configured as you like.

What type of email authentication do you use?

We use SMTP authentication. This option must be checked in Outgoing mail server (SMTP) settings of your email client for you to be able to send email.

Do you allow CGI scripts?

Yes, we do.

What is the difference between Xen and oVZ VPS?

oVZ VPS use OpenVZ technology – operating system-level virtualization based on the Linux kernel. This type of virtualization only allows Linux distributives to be installed as the server OS. Another feature that distinguishes oVZ from Xen is burstable RAM.

If you are out of RAM on an oVZ VPS, you can get some additional RAM under the condition that it’s not used by other virtual machines on the carrier.

Xen is much isolated and offers much of a dedicated server behavior. Almost all resources are dedicated. You don’t have burstable RAM but you have swap, which is always available unlike burstable RAM, but processes may run slower. Guest OS must not be necessarily Linux, you can install Windows OS or FreeBSD.

Xen VPS is recommended for resource intensive software.

Software & Services

Does Time Studios support FrontPage?

No, we don’t. It is not supported by the latest version of cPanel.

Can I run an online store by using a shopping cart software?

Yes, you can and we provide many free shopping cart scripts for you to use. You can even install them with one click of a button. You would, however, need to use a shopping cart that is based out of PHP scripting language and MySQL database software.

Do you support shared SSL?

We do not. You would need to buy a dedicated SSL certificate if you want to use it on your website.

We offer Comodo Positive SSL. If you purchase an SSL certificate from us you get a discount of for a dedicated IP. Please contact billing for more details.

Can I use ASP on your servers?

Yes, but on Windows hosting only, i.e. Xen VPS/dedicated server with Windows OS or Windows Basic package.

Can Time Studios Provide one click installs?

Time Studios does, provide its clients with Softaculous script installer

This software is free to use and can be accessed inside the cPanel control panel.

Does Time Studios provide customised hosting solutions?

At this time we provide customized dedicated hosting solutions only.

Does Time Studios support JSP?

We do not support JSP on shared hosting plans. The recommended package is a dedicated server with 4GB of RAM min; however, you can start with Xen Platinum

Can Time Studios support DJango and Ruby on Rails?

Django is supported on our dedicated servers only, Ruby on Rails is also available on Business plans and on Platinum Reseller plan.

Does Time Studios host adult websites?

Adult content is prohibited on our servers.

Do you allow rapeedleech?

According to our AUP, running of public file exchange services is strictly prohibited

Can I do audio/video streaming?

It is not possible to do this on shared hosting as this kind of activity is too resource consuming. However you can stream on VPS/dedicated server.

The lowest VPS plan for audio streaming is Xen Silver, for video streaming it’s Xen Gold, Ovz Platinum. The recommended package is a dedicated server.

Important Considerations:

  • The size of the files you’ll be streaming and the number of people who will be watching/listening to them simultaneously.
  • The purpose of your hosting account: do you plan to have one website which streams audio/video or do you plan on hosting a lot of sites with various software and send lots of email as well?

If you are unsure what to do, please gather the full list of your requirements, including server requirements of your software and email our technical dept. We’ll gladly analyze the information and come up with the best offer.

Do you create backups on VPS/dedicated servers?

We do daily backups on shared hosting only (Web Hosting, Business, Reseller). You can set up automatic backups on VPS/dedicated server if you have cPanel as control panel. For a dedicated server you can also purchase an additional hard drive to store backups on it.

Private Nameservers

What are private nameservers?

Private name servers look like and

They come for free with all our Reseller packages, except Reseller Basic where we charge a one-time fee of £20.

Why do I need that?

To go fully white label
Our Reseller hosting is transparent and we stay in the background.

Your customers won’t even know that we exist.

Easy upgrade or switching hosts
All you need to do is update private nameservers with IPs of a new server.

No need to contact each customer and ask them to change nameservers. After DNS propagation all sites will be up and running again.

Great, so how can I get them?

You can order private nameservers with a Reseller package when signing up with us.

The nameservers information, as well as other account details, will be emailed to you as soon as your Reseller account is active.

Alternately, you can order private nameservers later by issuing a ticket to [email protected]

VPS/Dedicated servers
We create private nameservers on VPS/dedicated servers during the initial setup, free of charge, under the condition that you only use cPanel as control panel.

To be able to use private nameservers they must be not only created on the server, but also registered on the domain registrar end (pointed to IPs)

This process is also called “to add glue records”, which means to add records to specify what IP address a domain name (in our case nameservers) stands for.

As soon as nameservers are pointed to IPs provided by our techical department and propagated, you’ll be able to use them for any of your domains.

How can I register private nameservers with a domain registrar?
In most cases you need to just login to your domain control panel and set IPs for nameservers.

Please check our tutorial how to do that for most popular domain registrar.

If you still encounter any difficulties, please contact your domain registrar support.