Featured Integrations: January 2017

Now that the holiday craziness is behind us (phew!), let’s start thinking about how you can stay engaged with your subscribers in the new year. There are plenty of integrations that will help grow your list, and below we highlight a few standouts.

Inspiring small businesses

Grow is a software service designed to inspire small business owners and entrepreneurs to make good decisions for their companies. It’s an affordable solution for creating simple, custom dashboards where performance metrics can be viewed all in one place. A company can combine data from their internal database with other key performance indicators pulled from third-party apps like MailChimp, and even QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Zendesk. If you’re a small e-commerce company that uses MailChimp for email marketing, a Grow dashboard will make tracking your performance and engaging your team quick and easy.

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Syncing your CRM with MailChimp

We know some users prefer to store their customers’ information in a CRM like Salesforce and have it sync automatically to their MailChimp lists. With MailChimp for Salesforce, the hourly sync feature makes adding leads as MailChimp subscribers and updating list field information easy. Use the data you’ve passed over from Salesforce to create segments or send targeted campaigns, or set up some Automation workflows tailored to engage specific groups of customers.

Connect with Salesforce

Get social

Some things are better expressed in 140 characters or less, and there are times you need to reach your customers in a flash. That’s where Twitter Tailored Audiences integration comes in. If you’re a paid user with a Twitter Ads account, you can sync your MailChimp list with Twitter Ads to target subscribers with ads that are relevant to their interests and activity. Twitter performs a blind match on subscriber addresses to convert the ones that are Twitter users into your targetable audience.

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Forms that pop

We’ve all visited sites where a signup form pops up shortly after navigating to the page. Our Privy integration is a great way to design popups that both help grow your list and entice visitors to make a purchase. Designing a popup in Privy’s visual editor is as simple as dragging and dropping content into a layout, and all forms automatically sync with your MailChimp lists.

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