Five Inexpensive Tips to Get Your Startup Noticed

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Congratulations on entering the space and launching your own startup! But, you know you won’t be making much out of it if it remains unnoticed. There are no magical ways for letting the world know about your super cool startup, just a few quick and inexpensive tips to help you attract new business.

1. Make use of Social Media

Make profiles on Facebook and twitter immediately prior to launch. Interact with the world by telling them about your startup and it’s journey. Be visible online, be extremely responsive and stay active. A page on social media would tell about the services you offer or the products you sell. Take some time and post content regularly to keep them updated about your work. These pages will help people contact you and get their queries fixed.

2. Website with a Blog

A professional blog is a nice way to get recognized on google search. Though, this step is least considered today by most because it’s easy in theory – but not so easy in practice. But, if you have got tremendous writers, then make use of it. Produce excellent content, learn to tell stories and target a huge amount of audience through it. Google loves fresh and shareable content so this could be a very important step in gathering all the attention you need.

Also, your website is your platform and a must-have for a startup. In addition to this, get your email addresses with your domain names as well. Without these things, your startup is prone to be lost in the noise.

3. Comment On Other Blogs

This is like providing another way for communication. Being active and extremely responsive into the blogging community will make your circle grow. This is definitely a plus point as you will be getting the support of other people who are struggling like you. Build strong connections with people, comment on their posts, reply to the comments on your blogs and enjoy your continuously multiplying fan following.

4. Let your Logo Speak About You

I can’t stress this point enough. A logo that makes your startup stand out is all what you need. Keep your company logo simple yet creative and effective – so that it seems to explain the motive.

Make use of attractive colors, good typography and extraordinary design that delivers your message. Try thinking out of the box and let your design be representative of your mission.

5. Paid Advertisements

Keep some money aside for paid advertisements, then sit back and watch the traffic blow your site up. Posting ads on Facebook is a smart way to attract immense traffic. People are always scrolling their news feeds – make your way there and there’s no way you can remain unnoticed. Also, Google AdWords can be another fruitful thing in which to invest. For a small amount from you, the returns can be magnificent.

These ways will help you make your way through the crowded startup space into the international market. Let your startup rise above the noise with the exclusive wow factor that you have to offer.

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