Grab Your Coffee Cup. It’s MailChimp’s 2016 Annual Report.

A lot goes on at MailChimp that people outside the company never get to see—the product roadmaps, the strategy meetings, the hundreds of thousands of support chats, and of course the instant messenger discussions about Chance the Rapper, Freddie trades, and design news.

And every year, our annual report showcases the best of the previous 12 months, from our philanthropy and awards to our coffee consumption and infrastructure improvements.

A little teaser: Civil rights movement leader Rep. John Lewis and his co-author, Andrew Aydin, spoke at Coffee Hour about their graphic novel, March (and then went on to win the National Book Award). Each new support hire spent 240 hours in training to learn how to best serve our customers. Oh, and we sent 1.5 billion emails on Black Friday—a new record for us.

Join us in celebrating our milestones of 2016. We’re already hard at work on another great year of helping small businesses grow, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

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