Groupon voted top YouTube’s 6-second bumper ad of the year

A six-second Groupon spot featuring actress Tiffany Haddish was voted the best YouTube bumper ad of 2018.

YouTube, in partnership with the Webby Awards, has released its full list of the top ads for 2018 spanning across seven different categories. The six nominees in the top bumper video ad category also included ads from Sargento Cheese, Pringles, Frigidaire, Colgate and Gorilla Tape.

Why you should care

Video advertising continues to grow and the video marketing landscape is becoming more crowded across all platforms. Knowing which ads are most appealing to audiences offers a valuable point of insight for marketers — especially when considering video ads like YouTube’s bumper ads that run only six-seconds in length, a short amount of time to grab anyone’s attention.

Groupon’s spot with Haddish was an extension of a campaign the brand kicked off during the Super Bowl.

First introduced in 2016, YouTube’s bumper ads are designed to be add-ons to skippable TrueView ad campaigns. They are sold through the Google Ads platform on a CPM basis and are aimed at branding, though many performance advertisers have also embraced the format. Users can’t skip the short videos and they are particularly well-suited to mobile.

Telling a story that can make an impression on a viewer is no easy feat. The winning Groupon bumper ad and bumpers from the other top finalist can offer inspiration. See them all under the #TheYouTubeAd That Has Six Appeal category here.

More on YouTube Ads of 2018

  • Winners from all seven categories included well-known brands, from McDonald’s and Nintendo to Gatorade and Bonobos.
  • YouTube announced the list of nominees on Nov. 27. Voting for the winners in each ad category was open to the public.
  • In a separate effort, Grammarly came out on top for the best TrueView for Action ad. For more on that, check out our coverage here.

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