lures Nike and Bonobos, launches custom brand ‘shops’ on the marketplace

Heading into the holiday shopping season, has launched dedicated brand “stores” for Nike and Bonobos on its site.

Why you should care

This fall, Walmart-owned launched a website update aimed at catering to the urban shoppers it says make up the bulk of its customer base. As part of this effort, the company also announced it would build branded shops on the sites for brands, including Nike. Thursday’s launch of Nike and Bonobos brand homes on the marketplace beef up its fashion offerings and appeal to its target audience with curated experiences.

Jet is also playing up the trust angle.

“Customers value trust more than ever and it’s important for retailers to have a clear point of view on what they stand for and who they choose to partner with. As we continue implementing our new strategy focused on the city consumer, we’re delighted to welcome Nike and Bonobos to,” said Jet President Simon Belsham in a statement.

The Nike shop includes apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. Jet also says it will be an authorized seller of select Nike and Converse products, meaning customers can trust they are getting the real deal and not counterfeit knockoffs. That’s a not-so-subtle point of differentiation as counterfeiters have plagued Amazon and eBay. In response, Amazon created a brand registry last year.

More on brand stores

  • Jet is offering two-day delivery on Bonobos items and free returns in the U.S.
  • Searches for Nike or Bonobos on link directly to the main pages of the custom stores.
  • Focusing on major metro areas sets apart from parent Walmart’s target, but Amazon has also been focusing on cities. It will be interesting to see how the trust angle plays.
  • Nike’s store features top-selling shoes as well as category navigation. The Bonobos store (screenshot shown below) also features top-trending items.

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