LeakedSource raided, allegedly shut down for good


LeakedSource, the website that gave access to the raw data from some of the biggest data breaches in 2016 was allegedly raided by a law enforcement agency and may have been taken offline forever, according to a note on an online forum Thursday. The note was not posted by a company representative, but by a user with the handle LTD.

“Yeah you heard it here first. Sorry for all you kids who don’t have all your own Databases. LeakedSource is down forever and won’t be coming back. Owner raided early this morning. Wasn’t arrested, but all SSD’s got taken, and LeakedSource servers got subpoena’d and placed under federal investigation. If somehow he recovers from this and launches LS again, then I’ll be wrong. But I am not wrong. Also, this is not a troll thread,” reads the note.

For a little over a year, LeakedSource revealed high-profile breaches such as those of AdultFriendFinder, Rambler.ru, Weebly, Twitter, E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA), LastFM, Dailymotion, LinkedIn and Myspace.

Storing more than 3 billion records collected from the dark web, the website was used by journalists, researchers and hackers as it provided full access to stolen account passwords and complete archives for fee-paying members. Because anyone willing to pay could access plaintext passwords, the compromised information could have been further used for criminal activities.

“As a matter of policy, the department generally neither confirms nor denies whether a matter is under investigation,” a spokesperson for the Justice Department said.

No other details, such as server or hard drive location, have been disclosed, nor information about which law enforcement agency raided the owner. The company was unreachable for statements.

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