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The Time Studios design team has a broad range of expertise in graphic design and web development, which will help you whether you are looking to improve your corporate image or start a new venture. The web design services and packages offered will help a business meet several key objectives in today’s markets, including: generating a greater interest for the product online and offline, reaching a larger audience and reaping greater financial rewards.

Responsive Design

Digital mechanisms are gradually taking over the nature of market transactions. With the large number of resolutions and devices on the digital market, a responsive web design offers a means of product establishment and effective communication with the target audience. Responsive designs are a flexible and aesthetically-pleasing mobile web solution which will adapt, resize, and allow potential buyers to view the product while on the go, and through whichever browsing platforms they choose.


A newsletter is a form of direct mail informing a selected group of people of business updates, product details and offers, in a manner that is succinct, timely and easily understandable. It is the perfect way to reach potential buyers, or those who have been away and missed out on offers. By designing clean-cut and elegant newsletters, Time Studios ensures that your clientele are kept in the loop and don’t want to fall out of it.

Rich Media Banners

Rich Media banners are perfect for brands looking to bring a more engaging user experience to their advertisements. Expandable banners can be an extremely effective form of rich media, at first glance expandable banners often look just like static ads, but they contain interactive features. When a user hovers over the ad, it expands to a larger size and more features are unlocked. You can include product feeds, surveys, videos and even games within the ad to make it more informative, helpful, or just plain fun.


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Vector Logo Design

Though often overlooked, we, at Time Studios, believe the corporate logo is an essential piece of identification which greatly aids in brand differentiation; this further elevates your industrial standing, leading to potential increases in revenue. Through visually stimulating graphic design, we are confident that we will be able to convey clearly, what your product is about, in addition to helping you achieve your business objectives – financial and otherwise.

Vector Logo Conversion

Logo conversion is the process of recreating, reconstructing, or redrawing a low-resolution logo such as a JPG, GIF, or PNG file into a scaleable, print-ready, file format. All logos we redraw are created in a vector-based .EPS format. This means the logo isn’t created with pixels (if you try to make the logo bigger, tiny blocks appear around the edges). Instead, the logo art is converted into vector lines that allow you to infinitely scale the logo to any size without loss in quality. Plus, your logo can be placed over ANY background without an ugly white box around it.


Time Studios is highly knowledgeable on the importance of well-crafted signs. Whether you require visual aids and banners for an event or trade show, architectural and real estate signage, retail promos, or other forms of high-resolution imagery, we are well-acquainted with the technical and creative skills necessary to meet your needs; our designs are alluring, yet informative, reaching your target audience and raising demand for your product.

PowerPoint Presentations

Too often, the visual aspect of PowerPoint Presentations is disregarded in favour of the textual. While content is important, Time Studios also considers the delivery of information when crafting solutions to meet your objectives; our designs incorporate cleanly formatted presentations with exciting visual content, to successfully transfer your message to your target audience. This will, in turn, attract and retain a larger customer base.

Sales Collateral

To further aid your business in maximising profits, Time Studios puts together a multitude of sales collateral keeping in mind the nature of the product, what the consumers want to know and readability. This includes tastefully-designed product guides, lists and descriptions of your services, which provide customers with easily accessible information. Rest assured that our insight into commercial markets, coupled with our design expertise, will shift consumer tastes positively in your favour.

Brochure Design

Time Studios brochures will be a tool to improve market awareness on your business objectives and corporate image, thereby establishing an efficient channel of communication between you and prospective customers. We create individualised brochures, giving people reason to purchase your product through stylish, yet educational designs.

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