Periscope launches analytics dashboard & activity tab for video creators

Periscope is launching three new features today, topped by the development of an Analytics Dashboard that will give video creators an in-depth look at how viewers are interacting with their videos. In addition to the additional analytics data, today’s launch includes a new Activity Tab and the news that Periscope videos can now be watched inside Twitter Moments. This batch of news comes on the heels of Periscope’s announcement yesterday that it will be supporting pre-roll ads.

Here’s a look at what’s new today.

Analytics dashboard

Periscope creators can already see a handful of metrics associated with their broadcasts, such as the number of live and replay viewers, how much total time viewers spent watching a video and the average time each viewer watched.

The new analytics dashboard includes those same metrics, but adds in extras like how many hearts a video earned and a breakdown of time spent watching the live video and its replay. The biggest benefit of the dashboard is that it gives creators a more comprehensive overview of how all videos have performed at a glance. All videos are presented in both graph and list format to help creators spot engagement and viewership trends. The dashboard offers different sorting options, as well as the option to export data.

The dashboard is currently available on the web only; tap on your profile to get the details.

Activity tab

Periscope’s new activity tab allows you to glean insights into engagement. Just as Twitter notifies when you gain new followers, when someone favorites your tweets or retweets you, Periscope’s activity tab allows you to see new followers and who has watched your replay. For now, that’s all that’s available, but Periscope says more is to come. This tab is being released in Android and iOS today.

Moment videos

Lastly, you can also watch Periscope video directly in a Twitter Moment, so live video also will be more prominent across Twitter. Creators have the ability to include tweets that include live video into their Moments.

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