Ranked conversations have arrived to the Twitter mobile experience

Does your Twitter timeline look different to you on your mobile device? Don’t be shocked; this is Twitter’s new conversation ranking feature that groups responses by sub-conversations and by ranking, not by chronology. With this update, the mobile experience has caught up with the desktop experience where this has been available since June 2015.

It’s now easier than ever to see the buzz around your Tweet with reply counts and organized conversations: https://t.co/GM7DBEZbJr. pic.twitter.com/FgaH2I4nsI

— Twitter Support (@Support) November 29, 2016

It’s high time that Twitter updated this change, which also includes a reply count. Perhaps they have been grappling with the idea to offer the feature, as it’s not exactly easy to follow conversations now when displayed by a ranking, which is impacted by engagement from the original author and if a response comes from people you follow.

However, perhaps over the last 17 months, evidence has mounted that supports the rationale to introduce conversation ranking on the mobile experience. It might be harder to follow where chronology is concerned, but Twitter believes that the conversation component is here to enhance your experience.

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