Release Notes: Braze boosts orchestration and personalization

Braze, the customer engagement platform, this week announced the a series of product enhancements, some of which were already on the company’s roadmap, but in Beta or with restricted availability.

Through increased relevance of messaging, and improved orchestration of campaigns, Braze hopes to support more empathetic marketing in a time of high customer sensitivity. “This has been an extraordinary year, and brands will need to listen, understand, and act with empathy in order to survive and thrive,” said Kevin Wang, Senior Vice President of Product at Braze.

Within Braze’s customer journey tool Canvas, brands can respond to intent signals from customers via push, email or Content Cards using Native Promotion Codes, now available globally.

In the Braze Predictive Suite, Predictive Churn is now available globally, helps reduce churn by identifying customers at risk. Early Access Funnel Reports signal drop-offs in conversion from campaigns, indicating opportunities to optimize. The Reports are available to select customers, and are expected to be globally available in the near future.

Other features include in-app message previewing, inbound SMS keyword analysis, and a Huawei Push integration. Braze is also expanding its partnership with Amazon Personalize, which allows brands to leveage Amazon algorithms to support content and product recommendations.

Why we care. Brands have become adept at tracking online and in-app behavior, and resolving customer identity across devices and channels. They are still struggling to send timely, relevant and helpful messages. Braze is one of the vendors addressing that challenge.

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