Release Notes: Reveal Mobile adds Tapad device-matching to its location data

Reveal Mobile, the location-based analytics and attribution vendor, uses its VISIT Local software to analyze foot traffic for stores and chains, as well as foot traffic to competitor locations. It powers geo-targeted advertising based on the data.

Tapad provides a solution for resolving cross-device identity. In a new partnership, Reveal Mobile and Tapad aim to boost audience sizes and refine attribution. The collaboration introduces the capability of tying an ad view on a household or mobile device to a subsequent store visit. VISIT Local users will now be able to target across devices in the same household, and devices owned by the same user.

“With the addition of cross device matching from Tapad, advertisers can boost audience sizes up to 300 percent,” said Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile in a release.

Why we care. It may not be a new trend, but bringing together disparate solutions to enhance results has certainly been a major trend in 2020.

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