Soapbox: Who owns revenue in the new buying environment?

The proliferation of digital information has created a new buying environment.

As marketers, our historical high performing digital channels are seeing dwindling in results, many of us are going back to the drawing board to re-evaluate our strategies.

The pressure is being felt on our sales counterpart as the majority of buyers are now more informed and empowered before they even have the opportunity to enter the equation. Classic sales tactics aren’t resonating and quotas keep becoming more ambitious.

We have seen the emergence of a new title that is on the rise at B2B organizations – growth professionals – a hybrid marketing and sales professional.

Marketers are in a prime position with their diverse skill set and to evolve into growth roles. The classic sales leader struggles to lead teams in the modern selling environment. The ecosystem has changed too much – buyers have different expectations, storytelling, empathy, psychology and really strong copywriting skills are being basic needs.

The gap is in how many of us communicate and report.

When marketing leader reports on pipeline influence, target account efficiency, and on closed deals, it further positions marketing as the profit center that it is. If reporting focuses on budget or spend, you are a cost.

When marketers can communicate in terms of outputs (revenue), as opposed to inputs (budgets and campaigns), the marketing department is viewed as a revenue-generator that requires investment to increase profits.

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