Video Marketing: Embrace Live Streaming to Convert Customers

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, a video may be worth a million, but live videos are worth even more.”

Broadcasting to a wider audience and engaging with the followers in real-time is the new generation way of delivering experiences. Followers discover you and your new offerings instantly. It is all about connecting with consumers emotionally and enabling the brand to visually fix within millions of eyeballs anytime and anywhere.

Video marketing has high potential to convert new customers to your business and be a part of a long-term successful brand strategy. Tap into the live video marketing — the latest craze!

Engage to Get Engaged

These days, consumers are more interested in watching and engaging with video content than most other forms of content marketing. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic submitted recently highlights on the fact that by 2020, nearly 75% of the global mobile traffic is going to be due to video content. This phenomenon stands as a support that several marketers and social media managers are embracing video marketing as the powerful tool to secure the future of their brand and business.

One such example that strikes is the videos on beauty products. Dove, one of the famous beauty brands was in news recently after generating nearly 114 thousand video views in July 2016. The brand is noted to be the most watched beaduring this period.

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Video marketing lets consumers to get accustomed with your brand; comfortable with your brand and eventually consumers start feeling good and excited about your brand. They even get ready to share the video content with their contacts in social media. Irrespective of age, geographic location, gender and attitude, consumers are no doubt getting hooked to video contents today. Rather, it goes beyond the questions of “who” and “why.”

1. Value Proposition in Video Marketing

The past few years have seen good growth of video marketing on the web. Continuing the trend, today we are seeing an explosion of live video streaming. Mobile viewing is dominating today. YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, and Meerkat are some of the most famous video platforms available today.

The combinations of these video platforms provide marketers and social media managers with a lot more viewers and business. Live videos are experiencing more response in recent days than ever before. Right from corporate news to fashion and beauty makers’ product promotions, social marketers are no doubt harnessing this method as one of the best way to reach wider audiences quickly and easily.

2. Is Social Live Streaming the Future of Marketing?

Engaging the audience with content, ads and brands is much easier these days with live streaming available in social media platform.

The global video streaming market is likely to touch 70.05 billion by 2021, according to a research firm. The market is expected to grow further in future. Watching, sharing and storing video is getting easier these days with several apps contributing to the fastest reach of such video contents.

Real-time mobile video broadcasts are absolutely getting easier and quicker with the top live streaming social apps like Facebook Live, Youtube, Periscope, Meerkat etc.

These apps are undoubtedly taking online video marketing to a new level. Twitter is also into this. The only advantage with Facebook is that it stores the video till the maker decides to delete it.

Moreover, few Live Video publishing tools like the one for Facebook pages allows users to carry on with their existing software or hardware to create video content easily. Users are flooded with features. The latest one is the option to create a continuous live stream.

These apps are by no means the only popular apps. There are lots of other similar apps in the store each being unique to its own purpose. Some offering live streaming, others letting to upload videos, few allow up to 240 minutes of video and few till 120; few letting followers to participate and few just allowing them to add a heart or so; few lets the makers to save their video in the library and few don’t. Depending upon the requirements, one can pick the right app that lets them experiment what works best for the prospective customer.

The Benefits of Streaming Video

  • Added Authenticity
  • Urgency Created
  • Real-time delivery of Value
  • Expanded Boundary
  • Massive Social Following
  • Guaranteed Reach

Convey the Right Tone

Allow your video to have a personality. To better understand your consumers and to let the followers understand you and your offerings better, you need to segment your video marketing based on the audience. Segmentation can be in terms of video metadata, titles, search etc.

Leverage interactive features, high-quality content and latest features to enhance the experience of your audience. Great content make great videos.

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Measure Your Campaign

— Embrace Video Marketing Analytics

Measuring your video campaign is an extremely important factor as this helps any marketer to understand deeper insights to the viewer’s choice. Don't let your video marketing to be a mystery.

Metrics are significant in decision making. Video analytics and video stream measurements help in gaining insights of the viewing patterns. Such products offer detailing in terms of content consumption considering the following aspects;

  • Who watched?
  • How many times?
  • Time spent
  • Performance of a particular content
  • Device used to view the content
  • Age
  • Geography
  • Bounce rates
  • Feedbacks
  • Number of Shares
  • Number of engagements with Call-to-action

Video performance metrics in terms of quality, ads, experience etc helps a marketer to understand the level of consumption of your video content among consumers.

Create Video Properties

Creating successful video properties on your own is getting easier in these days with the availability of multiple platforms. The strategy is to focus on different languages, regions and categories.

Factors Favouring Live Video Marketing

— Growth in 4G connections

  • Higher bandwidth
  • Lower latency
  • Higher security

With a pixel resolution of closer to 3840 x 2160, 4K is gaining the momentum capable of capturing an incredible amount of detail. 4K videos are making serious inroads with new video codecs.

— Wi-Fi Growth can Cut Down Costs

Wi-Fi and mobile growth and going hand in hand and this further facilitate the growth, usage and circulation of video data. Its potential is going to be endless. Downloading and viewing offline video is going to be easier with zero buffering time or rather no streaming precisely with the ongoing evolution of Wi-Fi. Service like Download-to-the-go is undeniably a great opening for streaming videos. No more delays or interruptions too.

Final Thoughts

The internet is the fastest medium to reach wider audiences. In recent days, marketers are shifting their budget towards live video marketing. Online video consumption is turning out to be the most popular internet activities globally. Both large and small scale marketers are taking advantage of this and finding a niche market.

It's taking the social media campaign or SEO exercise to a different level of possibilities to reach huge audience and followers simultaneously. The next few years are going to be critical for service providers, marketers and social media managers to create and facilitate an adaptable platform and manageable deals that can accommodate both offline and online video contents.

Through Real-time Video Marketing, you share news and information about your product and ideas to influencers, associates, followers and subscribers. You will be Instantly identified and your sales will automatically grow.

What is your experiences with live video marketing? Has it been successful for you?

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