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Vsauce: The Web Is Not The Net

The World Wide Web and the Internet have names that are similar shapes but they catch different things. And, as we will see, surfing the world wide web is radical but it’s also apropos. Metaphorically speaking the web is pretty wet. Before the web existed, and before the Internet existed, there were computers but they were big and lonely. They couldn’t really talk to one another. I mean, sure, you could connect similar pieces of hardware that spoke similar protocols but that was just a network. To connect disparate global machines you would need a network of networks. And in the 1960s a bunch of brilliant minds collaborated on just such a thing. Now, at the time, the phone companies weren’t very interested and because no single institution could foot the entire responsibility and computing power needed for dedicated lines. Because of this, more innovative and efficient methods were used as Michael explains in the video below.