Wrike joins Adobe partner program Marketo Launchpoint

Project management platform Wrike has joined Marketo’s LaunchPoint, an Adobe partner program. The partnership is expected to improve end-to-end marketing campaign workflows and work management processes. The announcement was made only a few weeks after Wrike launched its new Wrike for Marketers Performance solution.

Why we should care

The integration will provide users with campaign performance data from Marketo Engage and tie it directly to specific projects and tasks in Wrike. This level of insight will help marketers not only measure campaign performance but also how their efforts directly impacted marketing outcomes. The real-time flow of information could give marketers the ability to make adjustments to optimize their active campaigns.

“This collaboration transforms how marketing teams track and report on the outcomes of the integrated campaigns they plan, manage and complete in Wrike,” said Wrike founder and CEO Andrew Filev. “Marketing has become increasingly performance-driven, making it imperative that effort is aligned with not only final results, but progress as well. All of the data related to the planning and execution of a campaign is within Wrike, while the performance data is in Marketo Engage. It was only natural that we enable teams to pull Marketo Engage data into Wrike so they can actually see the impact their hard work is having on strategic initiatives in real-time and report on the outcomes of their carefully crafted campaigns.”

More on the news

  • LaunchPoint by Marketo is an Adobe company partner program that allows partners to co-sell and co-market with Marketo Engage.
  • Last month, Wrike announced Wrike for Marketers Performance, a solution that seeks to unify marketing departments and manage the full work lifecycle.

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