6 Questions to Ask before Hiring a PPC Agency

Rajive Rana 6 Questions to Ask before Hiring a PPC Agency Rajive Rana

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Choosing the most suitable PPC agency may not be an easy affair. You need a professional agency to manage your PPC campaign. You have many choices available to you. Before you decide to outsource help, you must vet them — is this agency the best fit for your business needs?

You need to undertake quite a bit of research and ask yourself the following questions. Once you answer the following questions, you will know how to approach and line up your initial discussion with a competent agency to suit your needs.

1. What problems will outsourcing an agency solve?

Question why you need the external support, and what all problems are there to be solved.

In other words, delve deep into the factors that are motivating you to outsource help. The fact that you want to expand your reach and save money are not the only factors to consider. These alone shouldn't compel you to seek the help of a professional PPC agency.

Sufficient motivation would be if you feel you aren't qualified to create a compelling and well-crafted PPC campaign. Or you lack the time necessary for managing and maneuvering the paid digital network.

Outsourcing an agency to review and rate your digital presence, and increase your ROI with the latest tricks and strategies are also excellent reasons.

2. What is the purpose of your company?

Before reaching out to a PPC agency, you should assess the customers’ feedback, from those provided to your websites, social media, and review sites. This way you can get a precise idea regarding your digital presence and how your customers feel about you.

You will obviously be aware of your line of product, services that you are offering to the targeted customers and more. But do your prospects and existing customers understand what you do? Is your targeting effective? Overall, you must consider who your targeted customer is, and in what way are they benefiting by using your product.

The product or the service that you are offering is expected to benefit your customers by enriching and enhancing the value of their life. If your ads are not targeting the right audience, an agency can help you revise your strategy or create a new one that better suits your business.

3. What makes you different from your competition?

You should be clear and straightforward about your unique service propositions. You should know in which ways, and in what respect your product or service is different from your competition.

The PPC agency that you seek to hire should know what makes you unique and different from the rest. They should also know and understand what attributes to your success.

If you are outsourcing to a PPC agency, you want them to be in a position to build upon your strength and guide you through the doorways of direct response promotion and marketing.

4. What are your business objectives and are they specific?

Be clear about your business objectives and communicate the goal to the PPC agency. The main objective is to attain growth and minimize expense, but to be clear, you need to be specific.

What is your benchmark for success? What is the extent of your business growth? You need to provide the ideal figures.

For example, you have to specify that the growth recorded should be 10%, every month, and this yardstick of 10% is going to continue over a year. A professional PPC agency will also strategize its action plan accordingly if your goals change.

5. What kind of budget do you have for PPC campaigns?

The outsourcing facility should have a clear idea about your budget which you have set aside for the purpose of PPC management. There are two basic kinds of options to have:

  1. You may have a prefixed budget, which has little or no flexibility.
  2. You have a budget that can vary the upper and lower limits depending on the PPC-related results.

Whichever option you adopt, you should communicate the decision to the outsourcing company so they can customize a solution that fits the bills of your affordability. If you examine your goals and your existing average cost, you will be in a position to determine your budget.

Pro Tip: The number of leads that the paid search provides over a specific period is another aspect to consider while calculating the budgetary specifications.

6. Do you require a team to provide you with additional support?

Another point to consider is if you need the PPC agency to render additional support such as creating landing pages and lining up banner ads. The team supporting you should be familiar with the search engine analytics.

If you don’t have in-house employees who are equally accomplished, you can expect the PPC agency to render these services (if you ask!)

Final Thoughts

Reflect on these questions. Try finding the answers by understanding your requirements.

Once you know what your needs are, you can select the most suitable professional agency that can do justice to all your needs and specifications. Be sure to spend time in your research phase before you hire the first PPC agency you come across and take the time to evaluate the capability of the respective firms.

What do you look for when outsourcing help? Do you have any tips to share?

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