A New Dashboard, Product Blocks, Predicted Demographics for Online Sellers, and More

At MailChimp, we aim to empower businesses and online sellers by providing them with the tools they need to improve their marketing, increase engagement, and sell more stuff. And in recent weeks, we’ve introduced pre-built segments to help you target your subscribers in just one click, and hero images, which make it easy to add some design flair to your campaigns. Today, we’re excited to introduce a number of other updates that’ll help improve your marketing through the holiday season.

New account dashboard

dashboard_2 a new dashboard, product blocks, predicted demographics for online sellers, and more - Dashboard 2 - A New Dashboard, Product Blocks, Predicted Demographics for Online Sellers, and More

We know that marketers and online sellers don’t always have time to go searching through reports to find out how engaged their audience is or how much revenue their emails are generating, so we set out to improve the experience. The next time you log in to your MailChimp account, you’ll find that we’ve completely redesigned the dashboard, bringing more of your valuable data directly to the surface and making it accessible in just a glance. These updates will make it easier than ever to view a snapshot of your marketing performance and check out your progress over the past week, month, or year. We’ve also added actionable, contextual tips and product news throughout, tailored to your account usage. Now, right in your account dashboard, we’ll suggest actions you can take and features to try that will help you improve engagement and get the most out of your marketing.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the new dashboard next week, but today we’d like to give you a quick overview of the updates. From the moment you access your account, you’re now able to:

  • Quickly learn how many orders—and how much revenue—your campaigns and automation workflows are generating. Once you connect your store with MailChimp, we’ll track the revenue and orders that your MailChimp emails have generated, your total store revenue, and your progress over time.
  • Follow the growth of your audience and the effectiveness of your various signup sources. We’ll show you how many people have joined your list, along with a graph so you can see if they came from a regular MailChimp form, Facebook, Twitter, an e-commerce integration, and more.
  • Track campaign engagement over time. We’ll show you how many people have opened and clicked your emails, along with the number of customers who have added items to their cart or completed their purchase.

We’ve redesigned our account summary email notifications to provide the same helpful information found on the new dashboard, so you can stay on top of your MailChimp activity even if you don’t sign into your account. Users who are opted in receive a weekly account summary message directly to their inbox that tracks campaign engagement, audience growth, and store revenue.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be updating our MailChimp Mobile app for iOS and Android to include the same helpful, comprehensive data, so you can track the performance of your emails and the growth of your business while you’re on the go. And just like the web version, you’ll receive actionable, contextual tips and product news to help you level-up your business and stay on top of everything new from MailChimp.

Product blocks

editor-12-product-block a new dashboard, product blocks, predicted demographics for online sellers, and more - Editor 12 Product block 672x512 - A New Dashboard, Product Blocks, Predicted Demographics for Online Sellers, and More

If you sell stuff online, you’re probably familiar with our product recommendations content blocks, a feature available for paid MailChimp accounts that helps you promote relevant items to each customer based on their own unique purchase history.

Today, we’re introducing a brand new Product content block for all account types that will make it easier than ever for online sellers to showcase products from their store in a MailChimp campaign. Once you’ve connected your store to MailChimp, simply drag a Product content block into your campaign. We’ll pull the product image, title, price, and URL for any product in your connected store. You can add your own product description, edit the price and product title, and even customize the call-to-action button that will appear in your campaign.

Connect your store, get predicted demographics

predicted_demo a new dashboard, product blocks, predicted demographics for online sellers, and more - Predicted demo - A New Dashboard, Product Blocks, Predicted Demographics for Online Sellers, and More

Earlier this year, we introduced predicted demographics, a powerful feature that predicts the gender and age range of each subscriber on your list so you can personalize your marketing by creating segments based on that data. If, for example, our demographic insights tell you that women between the ages of 25-34 make up the largest portion of your subscriber base (and are typically the most engaged), you could refine your strategy to cater to that core group or try new marketing techniques in hopes of attracting a broader audience.

Since its release, predicted demographics has been available exclusively for MailChimp Pro, but we’re excited to announce that we’re making this powerful tool available to online sellers with paid accounts, too. Now, when you connect your store with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or BigCommerce, you’ll have full access to predicted demographics at no extra cost. With this information, e-commerce businesses will be able to quickly identify key audiences and personalize their marketing in exciting new ways, leading to higher customer engagement rates and increased ROI.

Other notable updates

Our recent releases contain several other noteworthy items that may have flown under the radar. Here’s a quick recap:

  • We’ve partnered with Shopify to provide important MailChimp data through the Shopify control panel, making it easier for online sellers to see how email marketing is affecting the performance of their store. Now, Shopify users will have the ability to monitor their open and click rates and track the number of orders—and revenue—generated from their email campaign, directly from their Shopify reports.
  • Web fonts are now supported in the campaign builder, so you now have twice as many fonts to choose from when customizing your emails. When a particular font is not supported by the recipient’s email client, we’ll automatically replace it with a fallback option. To learn more, visit our Knowledge Base.
  • There’s a brand new Re-engage Supporters automation workflow, so nonprofit organizations can reach out to their inactive subscribers. This is a great opportunity to thank donors for their contributions, provide an update about your organization, and share other ways they can support your cause going forward.

That’s all for today, but we’re already hard at work on our next round of updates. As always, we’ll be listening closely to your feedback.

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