Chrome lets users pay with credit cards saved in their Google accounts

Signed-in Chrome users can now use payment methods that are saved to their Google accounts during the checkout process, Google announced this week via the Chromium Blog. This feature is available on all devices that run the Chrome browser and wherever Google Pay is accepted.

Why we should care

This feature will auto-fill payment info associated with a user’s Google account meaning that payment method is available across Chrome-enabled devices so long as the user is signed in.

Google has been working to reduce friction for users to complete e-commerce transactions for several years, particularly on mobile. Its Shopping Actions already enables users to pay for products directly from Shopping ads using Google’s own checkout cart and the payment information saved in their Google accounts. This feature in Chrome could help increase the number of users who save their payment information with Google — and eventually increase the likelihood they’ll convert on Shopping Actions-enabled ads.

Image source: Chromium Blog.

More on the news

  • When completing a transaction, Chrome will offer to show credit cards saved to a user’s Google account. The user then selects the desired card and verifies the CVC number.
  • During the transaction, users can also add a new credit card to their accounts.
  • Chrome sync does not have to be turned on to use this feature.

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