Epsilon launches brand consideration metrics at individual level

Exclusive to MarTech Today, data-based digital marketing platform Epsilon has launched what it calls an “industry first solution” to measure the impact of brand campaigns at an individual level, superseding self-reporting from small sample groups.

The solution is part of Epsilon PeopleCloud, a platform which supports personalized customer journeys. The output is a brand consideration metric, defined as the percentage of consumers who, after receiving a brand message, go on to visit the brand’s website, open a brand app or email, or research the brand on a third-party website.

Epsilon draws on over 200 million consumer profiles, incorporating demographic, behavioral and transaction data, and uses AI to serve relevant ads to consumers, based on some 200 billion daily observations of consumer behavior.

The primary focus is on brand consideration, rather than consideration of specific products and services. “However, we can use the insights to understand if people considering a brand browsed certain categories,” Matt Feczko, Epsilon’s VP Product Management told us. “In addition, we can measure the impact of lower-funnel sales and purchases of specific items or categories. Ultimately, we can understand how many people eventually bought tennis shoes (online or offline) from those who browsed the tennis shoe category.”

Given the critical role played by behavioral data in supporting this metric, we asked Feczko if the solution was vulnerable to the deprecation of third-party cookies.

“Identification is absolutely critical to both identifying consumers who are about to consider a brand and measuring actual consideration,” he said. We don’t anticipate our branding solution will be constrained by the deprecation of third-party cookies. The solution uses our people-based CORE ID and isn’t reliant on third-party cookies for messaging and measurement, meaning it can withstand changes in cookie polices and/or user permission changes. As a result, the branding solution will continue messaging, personalizing and measuring persistent CORE IDs despite all these upcoming changes.”

This story first appeared on MarTech Today.

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