LinkedIn updates Campaign Manager, adds brand awareness, conversion campaign options

LinkedIn Campaign Manager objective options.

LinkedIn is adding three new features to its Campaign Manager advertising platform, along with an optimized click pricing option. The new features include Brand Awareness campaigns that charge by impressions, enhanced integration with its website conversion tracking capabilities and ads for LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers to help with recruitment measures.

Brand Awareness campaigns. The new Campaign Manager Brand Awareness feature offers advertisers a top of funnel campaign option designed to help advertisers increase their “share-of-voice” on the platform. Brand Awareness campaigns are charged by impressions (CPM: cost per thousand).

Enhanced Website Conversion capabilities. LinkedIn has enhanced its website conversion capabilities by building “tighter integration” with its conversion tracking tools, according to Senior Product Manager Amita Paul

“You can create campaigns that are optimized for specific actions on your website, like purchases, downloads or event registrations,” Paul said.

Ads for LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers. LinkedIn is opening up Campaign Manager to its LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers, giving HR and recruitment professionals the ability to runs ads aimed at delivering more completed job applications via either LinkedIn or the customer’s website.

Optimized Click Pricing. After rebuilding Campaign Manager to include an objective-based workflow process, LinkedIn is now introducing optimized click pricing to align with an advertiser’s objectives.

Advertisers that select “website visits” as their objective will only be charged for clicks that take users to the advertiser’s landing page. Advertisers running social engagement campaigns will be charged for any social engagement with the ad — likes, comments, shares, etc.

Why we should care. LinkedIn is strategically building out its advertising platform for marketers managing high volume campaigns, steadily rolling out new advertising features over the past year, including the redesign of its Campaign Manager to be objective-based. These latest updates fall in line with LinkedIn’s goal to create an objective-based ad platform.

“Objective-based Buying generated 300% more sign-ups than standard bidding over an equivalent amount of time,” said LinkedIn ad expert and B2Linked Founder A.J. Wilcox.

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