Release Notes: Intercom brings new features to the customer conversation

The current work environment has focused attention on building digital engagement with customers. Intercom has responded by launching enhancements to its Conversational Relationship Platform.

These new features allow for:

  • Managing more complex customer queries;
  • Reducing response times; and
  • Automating manual tasks and processes.

Eliminating old choices. Intercom’s new release allows companies to eliminate their previous two main options for online support, the old email-based ticketing system, and faster messenger-based support that lacked depth.

Intercom has said that it wanted to present not just an update to its current platform, but a true new experience from both functionality and usability standpoints.

New features include:

  • More efficient ticketing workflows as Intercom’s bots collect information and prioritize issues, including identifying emergencies;
  • Flexible messenger platform to respond in real or at scheduled times; and
  • 12 new reporting metrics for a more robust reporting system.

Why we care? Customers are no longer waiting to see if brands will get back to them. The demand for instant and effective response means efficiency in chat is now more important than ever.

This story first appeared on MarTech Today.

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