Release Notes: Jivox launches purchase predictions for eCommerce

Jivox, a digital marketing company that drives engagement across paid and owned media, has announced the launch of Kairos, a new patented purchase prediction solution for the eCommerce market. Kairos will be powered by Jivox’s machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, allowing companies to enhance eCommerce marketing outreach with targeted user scores, and product advertising based on exhibited purchase intent.

According to Jivox, early testing has resulted in a 200% to 300% increase in conversions. Kairos aims to optimize conversion by combining real-time and first-party user data along with product intelligence.

“The key to success in engaging consumers online is scalable creative, data, and smart algorithms applied in real time to tailored ad creative,” Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. “Kairos means ‘opportune moment’ in Greek, and that’s exactly what this technology is meant to do—capture the attention of a consumer at the right time with the right message—and convert those moments into sales.”

Jivox uses the in-memory clustered IQ Personalization Hub and the first-party identity solution IQiD to identify, store and process consumer data, obtained with consent. The IQ Personalization Hub processes trillions of data signals, making data available to Kairos for real-time decisions on product recommendations, pricing and offers.

Why we care. With many brands leaning heavily into eCommerce, personalized recommendations and offers is one way to differentiate from competitors.

This story first appeared on Search Engine Land.

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