Bring Your Users Together

BuddyPress, like its parent project, WordPress, is an open-source platform. This means the availability of core code, documentation, and theme and plugin extensions relies on communal effort. Anyone with sufficient time and knowledge may increase the usability of this platform.

What Can BuddyPress Be Used For?
BuddyPress is meant to link and engage people with common interests. It may serve as a tool for more productive academic organisation, business endeavours and social connectivity.

  • A campus wide social network for your university, school or college. (This leads to more effective implementation of new procedures, hosting of events etc.).
  • An internal communication tool for your company. (This platform may prevent communication breakdown, thereby cutting costs).
  • A focused social network for your new product. (Businesses may assess the level of success and/or failure achieved by a product through the opinions of consumers. This may be used for research and development purposes, to modify the product and satisfy a larger audience).
  • A niche social network for your interest topic. (This platform helps individuals forge new relationships. Opinions on goods, services, places or activities further aid firms with their R&D efforts; e.g. which markets to penetrate, the target demographic etc.).

Key Uses

An Overview