User Friendly Design, Portable CMS

Drupal is a modular, scalar form of CMS which relies on PHP/MySQL to input code, as well as collect and store information. It is an open-source method of content management so any user with adequate experience may help the Drupal community by developing the project’s functionality. This is a much cheaper alternative to commercial proprietary CMS, where you would have to deal with all software costs. Eliminating these costs permits a higher degree of organic growth for your business; you may now reallocate your capital towards the high-quality labour force that will help you thrive. Moreover, Drupal websites can be as simple or as complex as the client wants; they can be modified at any time, without charge.

We, at Time Studios, will guide the client on setting foundations for the site, after which planning, design and construction will occur. We will then work with the client through the launch and afterwards, with continued development. Drupal, however, is portable so you are not tied to us after we help create your site. This platform’s diverse, top-of-the-line functionality, SEO-friendly nature, and our premium customer care present you with an economical means of establishing a strong online presence.

Key Features

An Overview