Beautiful Designs, Powerful CMS

Most popular amongst our clients, is the WordPress package, which boasts high functionality and ease of use. With WordPress, you have the freedom to build a website with as many pages, categories and articles as you see fit; this is done simply by accessing the WordPress Administrative Area from your browser. If you would like your content to feature a wider array of “voices”, WordPress allows you to invite other authors to enter the Administrative Area and post their own work. When sending out this invitation, you may regulate the level of control the author(s) have over publishing and editing the website.

Once everything has been setup, including incorporating the custom design that will match the rest of the web site – no additional HTML skill is necessary.

The “code view” option offered by WordPress is unnecessary for the publication of simple content, but useful for more experienced web-builders; it is used to alter the HTML code in a page, post or article. WordPress also contains a WYSIWYG editor that lets you watch your modifications take effect as soon as they are applied; this enables you to morph your vision quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

An Overview