Uber now tracks your post-ride location

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The latest Uber mobile app update allows the company to track users’ locations, even after their trip, according to news reports.

The latest software update introduces a new design and new features, but also changes the way the service collects location data for commuters. Passengers are prompted to share their location for another five minutes after their trip.

Uber’s previous permissions let the company gather location data only when the app was open, working in the foreground of a user’s phone.

The extra information about the rider is meant to “enhance safety” by dropping the user off at an optimal spot. It will also improve Uber services, the company says.

“We’re always thinking about ways we can improve the rider experience from sharpening our ETA estimates to identifying the best pick up location on any given street,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement. “Location is at the heart of the Uber experience, and we’re asking riders to provide us with more information to achieve these goals.”

The app allows users to opt-out by turning off the app’s location access. However, some users found the tracking “creepy” and not very user friendly.

ubertracking uber now tracks your post-ride location - ubertracking - Uber now tracks your post-ride location
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