Year in Review: Top 10 digital marketing expert columns of 2018

All year long, digital marketing experts share their in-depth knowledge and timely advice to help others. Here’s a look at the ten most read columns that struck a chord with readers this year.

  1. Social media in 2018: Time to grow up or get out by Mark Traphagen published on March 20
  2. Building a brand strategy: Essentials for long-term success by Allen Martinez published on June 7
  3. The science of storytelling by Peter Minnium published on Aug. 10
  4. 2018: The year of influencer marketing for B2B brands by Michael Brito published on May 21
  5. 3 brands still killing it on Facebook by Mark Traphagen published on April 17
  6. Is this the year of the influencer or the implosion of influencer marketing? by Kevin Lee published on Jan. 8
  7. Programmatic is an amazing tool for branding. Here’s how to use it. by Grace Kaye published on April 9
  8. Content manager checklist: 10 things to do before you hit publish by Megan Krause published on July 23
  9. Here’s how to use custom intent audiences in your GDN campaigns by Grace Kaye published on June 29
  10. Everything a CMO needs to know about video marketing in 2018 by Allen Martinez published on Feb. 8

Social media’s put a spotlight on data, video and stories in 2018 and you can read a wrap up of this year’s advertising highlights here. And since it’s been the year of apologies from Facebook, Amy Gesenhues wrote a list of the top 10 times Facebook owed advertisers an apology in 2018.

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